3 Easy Golf Tips to Improve Your Focus


Ike MaduFocus is all you need to master the game and eventually, to win it. When you have a lot of things running in your mind, you may lose focus while you swing to hit the ball. And when you lost it, you may lose control on your equipment. Focus is the weapon for you to break 80 consistently.But if you focus on focusing, you are putting too much pressure on yourself. And when there’s too much pressure and when you expect too much, focusing on hitting a shot can be difficult. So, focus should be done naturally and with ease. To help you improve your focus in playing golf, I have put together a few tips I learned along the way. These three steps have helped me have a handicap of 9. 1. Don’t Forget to BalanceLearning to think without distractions is the key for focus. Learn to master your balance. Free your mind from distracting thoughts. To help you achieve a balanced mind, hold your club in position and practice swinging it at least five times with your feet together. Once you get the hang of it, raise one foot off the ground. Then, practice swinging again for five times. Once you gain balance, close your eyes. Still with your one foot off the ground, do another five swings while keeping the balance.2. Master Your TempoHitting the ball with a right tempo is also as important as balance. And with a right tempo comes focus. You can improve your tempo by doing these steps. First, position your equipment and then try hitting at least five balls with a swing that lasts five seconds. Then try doing the same thing, but this time, make it a four-second swing. Next, hit another five balls with a three-second swing and finally, hit another five with a swing that takes two seconds. Determine which tempo works best for you and apply it when you play and you will see the difference. 3. Feel The MovementThe movement of your clubhead matters so you better improve that too. To practice feeling your clubhead movement, make full swings with an imaginary ball. With your every swing, imagine how the clubhead would move. Imagine how far the ball would go, and visualize how the ball goes with the sand. Feel the clubhead and its movement. Once you have visualized that feeling, try making the same swing in the bunker with an actual ball. Then, observe how the ball actually moves with your swing. If you’re not happy with the result, try doing the same exercise until what you are feeling gets more accurate.Mastery of your balance and tempo as well as focusing on the clubhead movement may take time. Gaining the ability to focus also also requires patience and perseverance. But just like everything else in life, constant practice will make you a pro. With constant practice and believing in yourself that you can do it, the impossible will become possible.

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