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Once you have purchased the D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script you can install it on unlimited domains, enabling you to set up your own parked web page with the minimum of fuss. The reason people with parked domains used our domain parking script is due to its cost effectiveness. The little time it takes you to install our domain parking script onto your web page is well worth doing when you take into account the fact the tiny percentage you would be paid by the ad network showing their advertisements through your parked web page. Without a domain parking script you would need to share that small payment with your domain parking company whereas, with your own domain parking script the whole of that payment, albeit small, belongs to you.

Our domain parking script is particularly easy to install, with no manual editing of either source codes or files necessary. This is due to the integral admin page that enables you to simply extract the files containing the domain parking script, upload it to your server and add it to your domain. Although there is a setup wizard available, our domain parking script is really that easy to set up. We also provide an easy-to-understand setup video for you to watch as well. Moreover, you can install our D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script as many times as you need to, even if you have multiple hosts. You cannot, however, resell the domain parking script, nor may you share it with a third-party.

Features of our Domain Parking Script

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When you install our domain parking script you are not reliant on a single ad network such as Google. Our domain parking script has three integral advertising schemes:

–Google Adsense

–Amazon Affiliates

–Ebay Partner Network

The Google Adsense interface includes both contextual and search ads. Once you have an account with each of the advertising partners you will be provided with an ID which you integrate into the domain parking script. With this you start earning money straight away – and keep the full commission paid to you by the advertiser. Furthermore, you can include any affiliate network, any banner exchange or any PPC into your domain parking script that earns you money.

You only need to have one hosting provider, no matter how many domains you park and, with our domain parking script, you can adapt the script to fit any domain or source of income relating to each different domain. Nevertheless, despite the need for only a single host, you can still add our domain parking script to any number of hosts and domains as your purchase of a domain parking script provides you with a completely unlimited license whose only stipulation is that you remain the sole user, intended only for a single business.


You can customize your domain parking script by utilizing the ‘Drag n Drop’ feature of the Page Creator. This enables you to customize your page layout. Then, in order to operate the domain parking script, you simply need to generate a few keywords. Then, as a result of your keyword choice, your domain parking script will generate automatic content from both advertising sources and from RSS feeds.

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