All children are very different and require a variety of learning styles and environments. For students with needs for additional support, the school systems have a pretty good handle on resources and tools that can be used to maximize that child’s learning potential. For students with higher learning potential and giftedness, there is not a lot available in the public school system. For those kids, they may have difficulty staying engaged in the learning environment and at times may get into trouble because they are too bored in school. For those looking for a Private School in Chevy Chase, there is the Feynman School.

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The Feynman School was developed to give students an enhanced learning environment and allows children to celebrate the learning process. They offer programming for Pre-kindergarten all the way up to 4th grade with plans to add one grade level each year until they can provide for students through 12th grade. Students intellectual ability and maturity are assessed to determine if this Private School in Chevy Chase is a good fit.

Students are given space to explore and their inquisitive thinking is promoted. This school also has an emphasis on helping the whole child grow, so they also learn positive life skills such as caring and concern for others.

There are some students that demonstrate early on that they have intellectual abilities that are more developed than their same-age peers. They may have an early interest in reading, or may have a long attention span for activities when they are interested. But parents know their children best, and if your child has demonstrated a ferocious need to learn and their local public school can not support what they need, it may be time to look at a Private School in Chevy Chase. Parents want what is best for their children, and they want their kids to grow up to be happy, healthy, and capable of having success in whatever they choose to do. Gifted children will often find a way to get their needs for accelerated learning met, but it can be a challenge. Help your gifted child by giving them the gift of education designed just for them, and consider the Feynman School their opportunity for an ideal learning environment.