Elegant Diamonds, Man-Made


Dr. Phillips

The majestic beauty of the diamond is known to everyone. All people want diamonds, due to its innate elegance and attractive beauty. Diamonds are very uncommon and can be very costly as it consumes a lot of time to be processed. Its quality and antiquity is unmatchable.

This gem is the hardest natural material on Earth till date. It has a rating of 10 in Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which is the top grade of hardness. It is scratch resistant and has the ability to cut through glass. Its existence has been very long. It existed long before humans came into this world and that is like 1 to 3 billion years ago! The charm of this gem is inexplicable, incontestable, and never fades away even with the billions of years since its birth. It can also range from different colors, crystal to many shades.

There are also man-made diamonds aside from the expensive natural ones. Due to the rapid growth of human civilization, diamonds are also now possible to be made by man. Laboratories are now able to manufacture diamonds that are not natural diamonds! Scientists use diamond simulants and synthetic diamonds that are lab-produced but are far cheaper than real diamond.

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The need for diamonds and the materials required to make them has radically increased concurrent with the flourishing diamond trade worldwide. For the trade to be stable, many artificial and synthetic materials have been used to feed the need for diamonds. There are some natural simulants such as topaz, beryl, and quartz, which have high hardness rates but low refraction indexes. Artificial simulants are the sorts of moissanite (silicon carbide), white sapphires, and cubic zirconia.

The new Star Hybrid simulated diamond is a good example of synthetic or man made diamonds. It has the same clarity and charm as other diamonds have but has greater hardness compared to moissanite and cubic zirconia. There are also other kinds of simulated diamonds that are for sale, both in real time and online. These are cut by hand into fine pieces and made sure to have the good traits of grandeur that the gem has to have. There has been a bad connotation that man made diamonds are fake. No, it is not true; actually, simulated diamonds are regarded as genuine diamonds, only unnatural.

The common simulated diamond is made up of cubic zirconia or moissanite, but there are some companies that have gone deeper into the research of diamonds and have gone closer into the fine details of diamond manufacturing. These gems are far cheaper than the natural ones but still possess the shine, sparkle, elegance, splendor, and charm as the natural ones but has a lower price. New methods of diamond processing have advanced humans to a stage wherein diamonds are already available in laboratories.

The diamond is unmatchable. Its antiquity and charm never fades. The diamond is surely the best gem on Earth. But just in time before resources run out, methods have been developed to make gems like the natural ones.

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Elegant Diamonds, Man-Made}

Engagement Rings Symbolise you Love, Commitment And promise


Riky senEngagement is not a simply ritual form but it is meeting of two hearts. Engagement between two people also represents the agreement of love and cherishes each other for the rest of their lives. If you are looking for suitable gift for that occasion than nothing will suit your partner of life better than a diamond engagement ring as it perfectly portray the whole things like promise, honor, eternity, purity and love as well.

Engagement rings

are available in various design shapes, setting colours and metal. Commonly, diamond usually set in gold, silver and platinum. And people presently like the diamonds set in platinum because it give very unique look. Whether one is choosing a diamond solitaire or a ring with a several small diamonds, or an open-work web ring in which the diamonds flow along the lines of the setting, these all look awesome and beautiful and also give separate identity out of the crowd.

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If you are making your mind for diamond engagement ring, then diamond solitaire is very stunning and remains the sign of all engagement rings. The rings which have three diamonds that symbolise the couples’ past, present and future are also considered as one of the most demanding styles. Choice of engagement rings is not limited, there is certainly many choices for buying your engagement ring. The options on designs, cuts and combinations of diamonds are very exciting and outstanding.

A variety of diamond engagement rings are available in the market to chose the best from them to present on the day engagement but if you are looking for something different for making an everlasting impact on your fianc to be, then diamond rings are the ideally suitable preference because it is forever -a perfect presentation of your love. It symbolise your love, commitment, devotion and promises as well.

The diamond engagement rings signify the commitment and solidity of your relationship. If the most suitable person has entered into your life and you are making your mind to ask her will you marry me, then its time you start putting some love, time and strive to find for the perfect diamond engagement ring for your fianc.

The 5Cs’ namely colour, clarity, carat, cut cost is the five things which determine the beauty and gleam of the gem. If you find that all these five factors in a ring that satisfy you, you will end up with a very happy and content fianc bearing the symbol of your love for the entire world to see.

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Gold rings


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Gold is one of a precious metals from the ancient time it value has been used as the standard for many currencies. Gold rings forms an integral part in the women lives. A

gold ring

suits the every occasion and can be gifted on an engagement ceremony even on a marriage etc. gold rings adorn and add beauty to your finger.

Gold price are hiking continuously and this prompts so many customer to buy silver jewelry but the majority still prefers gold jewelry because of the sheer luxurious look and feel of it.Trends have shown that a consumer purchasing gold prefers to spend more on a select few high quality pieces of

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and is willing to pay more for a higher karat gold knowing that the piece will last a lifetime.

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gold ring

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Turning Led into Gold: Ethics in the Jewelry Industry


Marc Choyt

“The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” – Joseph Stalin

“We’ve dodged the bullet,” is the consensus opinion of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, according to Frank Dallahan. “A job well done,” though, as the title of the opinion piece suggests, “The Gun Is Still Pointed at Us” by “arrogant” NGOs.

Blood Diamonds got mediocre reviews and was not widely seen and has had no real effect on diamond purchases. Sierra Leon is at peace. Kimberly is in place. Our business can return to worrying about bankruptcies, the internet, consolidations, the latest move by DeBeers.

Yet right now, there are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands-the number will never be known – of American men who spent a few months of their salary to unknowingly purchase a conflict diamond. To these consumers, diamonds represent love and commitment-but to someone in Sierra Leone, they signify something altogether different.

One death can have a profound effect on a family, community or even a nation. How are we to understand 3.7 million deaths, which is what Amnesty International lists as the death toll due to wars funded by conflict diamonds? In the calculus of the human heart, such a number easily becomes an abstraction- which is why Blood Diamond was essential.

Though there has been an attempt at truth and reconciliation in Sierra Leone, little has been done to bring the victims of conflict diamonds together with the executive who ultimately purchased them. Nor has there been any widespread apology to customers. Instead, business continues, now with new ethics rules which ring shallow, to me, because there has been to real truth and reconciliation.

To the jewelry industry, the deaths of Africans have become mere statistics.

Certainly the diamond business is not the only business questionable ethics. We could have a film entitled, Blood Oil, but such a film is not needed when we have reality TV. Jewelry is different than other commodities. It is marketed as an emotional purchase, representing, often, the highest of human aspirations. This marketing is a despicable distortion when the true cost of a piece is environmental destruction and human suffering.

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Many in the diamond business are Jewish, like myself. As a group, we are sensitive to history. I consider what happened in Africa as a result of conflict diamonds, a modern holocaust. Many might consider this comparison extreme, but there are numerous holocausts caused by human greed, bigotry and power. All are equally terrible.

It is undeniable that the Kimberly process is a huge step forward. If the world, because of Kimberly, could say: “NEVER AGAIN,” then at least there would be a modicum of redemption. But NGOs report conflict diamonds are still being bought and sold… though not a soul in the industry is “out of compliance.”

Our destinies, to some degree, are all interwoven in this universal human tragedy. Tribal cultures were destroyed and people were enlisted as chattel to gather commodities for European powers. This wealth was exported to build empire and many ventured forth to Africa in search of fortune.

I have a picture of my grandfather. Izzy Weinberg. Age 27. Camp’s Bay, South Africa, 1905.

Izzy is dressed formally in a black suit and vest sporting a boulder hat, sitting in a cart. Instead of a horse however, there is a black man in shirtsleeves and bare feet, as the beast of burden. Even worse than this, one detail, over a hundred years later, still fills me with horror: this black man is wearing a set of horns, tied securely under his chin.

Everyone in the jewelry industry selling diamonds, including myself, are in the cart being pulled by the black man with horns. We have all benefited by DeBeers massive diamonds are a girl’s best friend campaign, which has created the demand for diamonds, leading to these wars.

Some are in the cart comatose, pretending the blood diamond issue is gone. Others are in the cart with the reins, fighting the NGOs tooth and nail with a public relations campaign saying that blood diamonds are no longer an important issue. Let us just have business as usual because… no one is out of compliance with Kimberly.

Some have stepped in the cart without wanting to be in the cart: the unwitting customer who walked into the jewelry store some time in the nineties and with months of salary saved up to buy diamonds for their finance.

How much have things really changed over the last hundred years?

Unfortunately, we are so sophisticated now we do not see ourselves in the cart. There’s marketing, technology, supply and demand. Governments are involved. No one wants an African diamond boycott-not even Nelson Mandela. Still, it would not be difficult to conclude that some evil in our industry still views an African’s life as merely a commodity, like cattle or slaves.

My conviction is that those 3.7 million dead Africans are actually members of the lost tribe of Israel, which make them my brothers and sisters. I took care of their antecedents when I lived in Haiti-a country of former slaves. For two years, I worked as a volunteer in Mother Theresa’s clinics while running an orphanage for a charity organization funded by the international diplomatic corps.

This suffering in the developing world is not some abstraction to me. I know we are all one global community that is interdependent. The reason that Haiti is so poor is because we are so rich. This is why I advocate Fair Trade. We need an absolutely clear connection between the miner and the consumer who purchases the diamond.

By writing such things, some will accused me of “slapping the face” of the jewelry industry. Perhaps it is true, but a slap is clearly not the same as a punch or a whack. To slap, according to Webster means, “to strike with an open hand, or with something broad or flat.” A slap is usually between intimates; sometimes even lovers. My livelihood is in the jewelry industry-it provides for me, my wife and employees, so I am intimate with it.

My wife, whom I have been with for nearly twenty years, fortunately, does not slap me, though there were times, certainly, when I deserved it. We do have real conflict however, more of the H I3 variety than the D VSS variety. After the fight, or the slap, a couple has a choice. They can marginalize each other or they can make up, which begins with dialogue and ends, at best, in a more intimate engagement. Indeed, Webster’s also defines a slap as a Scottish word meaning a gap in a wall or a dike or to make such a gap.

My slap, then, can be viewed as an invitation, now that we have ‘dodged the bullet’, to take the plunge and become more introspective about our part in this story. We are witnessing the end game of a terrible cycle; the oppressed becoming oppressor. It has morphed into an often painful commercial connection between that person in Africa and those in Antwerp and Mumbai.

There is a reason that the bullet was aimed at us. We ignore or dismiss this type of bullet to our own detriment, making ourselves more vulnerable. We also miss the opportunity to turn the lead of the bullet into gold.

Just last week I had the largest sale in our companies’ history, three platinum ring wedding set, from a customer who found us on line and purchased from us specifically because of our stance issues expressed on this website. I was happy for the sale, but sorry to hear how this customer from an affluent California city could not find anyone in his area who could meet his ethical standards.

Many in our industry have been so concerned about creating “image” and “brand” that they miss what was right in front of them-the twenty percent of the population interested in socially responsible business practices.

On this blog you can read how anyone can take real steps to make changes. I urge you to join me. Educate your customers about the benefits of a fair trade, ethical jewelry market. Those who jump on this market early are going to reap potentially staggering benefits with the added bonus of using business to do good in the world.

By the way, my grandfather had no luck in South Africa. He moved to Boston. I happened upon the jewelry business by mere chance, just eleven years ago, mainly because my wife is a talented designer. If fate had been different, I might have been born into the diamond business, which is another way of saying that everything in the world is interconnected

“With a boundless heart cherish all living beings, radiating love over the world, upward to the skies, downward to the depths.” – Metta Sutta

Marc Choyt is President of Reflective Images,


, a jewelry company that practices socially responsible business.Marc authors


a movement website for consumers and jewelers supporting green and fair trade jewelry. He also originated The Circle Manifesto,


, a business model based on indigenous traditions.

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