New Cuba hotels to open 25,000 new rooms in 2020


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Recent government sources from the island have unveiled the country s intention to build a further 24,000 hotel rooms in order to keep up with growing demand from increasing tourism to the island. With the popularity of Cuba holidays increasing rapidly every year the island has experienced a boom in tourism arrivals, with tourism figures growing every year.

In 2011 the island welcomed around 700,000 more visitors indicating a substantial growth of 7.3 per cent more travellers enjoying holidays in Cuba last year. This figure is expected to keep growing in 2012 and see further growth in the coming years. In addition to the regular tourism markets in Europe and Canada responsible for sending the largest number of tourists to the island, other source markets are emerging, with Russian and South American travellers now leading the way for growth. To cope with the expected ongoing growth the island s tourist infrastructure needs to expand considerably and it is for this reason that tourism officials have decided to start construction plans on new Cuba hotels in order to cater for the increased flow of tourists arriving to the island.

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Cuba s Vice Minister of Tourism, Alexis Trujillo, has confirmed that the building of these new hotel rooms is being funded by foreign and Cuban investment. He also confirmed that the island plans to increase the diversity of Cuba s tourism product with the 13 new golf courses planned, all of which are in different stages of negotiation talks at the moment, as are the construction of new theme parks to spring up around the whole island.

Regarding foreign investment, Mr Trujillo explained that of the currently existing 58,000 hotel rooms in Cuba, 6000 belong to 30 companies of mixed ownership (divided ownership between Cuban capital and foreign capital) and they await further Cuba hotels to be constructed by these kind of consortia companies.

During a press conference called in the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI to Cuba, Trujillo highlighted the increase of foreign tourist arrivals to the island over the last few years, whose figures have experienced an average growth of 10.5 per cent since 1990.

In an effort to keep up with a growing interest in

Cuba holidays

and increasing demand in hotel occupancy levels, Cuban tourism authorities have just unveiled the planned construction of 24,000 new hotel rooms to be ready to welcome guests in 2012. The island is expecting tourist arrivals to grow by around 8 per cent this year and continue growing in the coming years.

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New Cuba hotels to open 25,000 new rooms in 2020

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Metal fabrication is the process of constructing or assembling various types of metal structures through cutting, bending and welding. Metal fabrication is different from forging and casting, which mainly involve melting and molding metal alloys. The raw materials used in fabrication include tube metal, plate metal, welding rods and wires, castings and formed or expanded metal. Typical metal fabrication projects include constructing structural frames for buildings and heavy machinery, loose parts, handrails and stair for buildings. Usually, an established fabricating firm bids on jobs by submitting drawings, and if they are awarded the contract, they build the specified products.

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Once a contract has been awarded, the process of Metal Fabrications in Pascagoula Mississippi begins. The metal fabricators will procure the raw materials required to create the product. These materials are first cut to the correct size. Cutting can be done manually or automatically. When done manually, tools such as saws, chisels and shears are used to shape the metal into different forms. When done automatically, plasma and laser cutting devices are used. Metal can then be formed using dies. Rolling machines and tube bending machines are also used to bend and maker round sections of the metal. The metal components or structures are then welded together, and after cooling the machine is sandblasted and painted. The final product is inspected to ensure it conforms to the given specifications before it is sent to the client.

Many metal fabrication technicians specialize in specific processes depending on the needs of their clients and their own expertise. These processes may include drawing, spinning, shearing, brazing, casting, forging, welding and punching. Some higher levels of specialization can also include electrical and hydraulic services. Thus, when choosing a metal fabrication firm, look for a company that has a team of highly skilled engineers who are equipped with advanced fabricating machines. This will ensure that your metals are fabricated properly, and according to the structural requirements of the project.

By hiring professionals for your Metal Fabrications in Pascagoula Mississippi, you can be rest assured that you will achieve the desired layout for your sheet metal. For additional details about professional metal fabrication services, and how to hire an established metal fabricating company, please visit or their Facebook page.

Glofish: Are Genetically Engineered Pets the Wave of the Future?


Stephen Broy

There was a time when all living things in heaven and earth were created by the hand of God, or a product of evolution, depending on you philosophical belief. That time is now gone, never to return. The creation of biogenetically engineered animals is becoming more and more common place. To date over 660 patents have been issued for genetically manipulated animals in United States alone and the number is increasing every year.

There was no such thing as a glofish just a little over a decade ago. And just why would anyone want to make a fish glow in the first place? Believe it or not, the answer was not to strike it rich because every aquarium owner on the planet will feel the need to rush out and buy one. The Glofish was created to answer a higher calling. For Dr. Zhiyuan Gong and his colleagues at the National University of Singapore (NSU) the goal was quite simple, and perhaps even noble. The idea was to genetically engineer a fish that would glow when it came into contact with environmental toxins in any inland freshwater ecosystem. A fish that detects and by default identifies the manufacturing facilities and corporations that are poisoning our planets most valuable resource, how cool is that?

So exactly what is involved in creating a species that is biologically designed to help save the planet? The logical first step is to engineer a fish that glows to begin with. Once you have a fish that glows then you can set about tackling the issue of selective bioluminescence.

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Among the many decisions faced by the geneticists was which fish should be chosen as the most likely candidate. The team decided on a small minnow variety, the Brachydanio reri. These fish are more commonly known as zebra danio or zebrafish throughout most of the world. Although indigenous to India, zebrafish are raised on fish farms for export in Singapore. A commercially raised fish means readily accessible eggs. This may or may not have been a determining factor in their selection.

With the selection process complete it was now time to initiate phase one of the process of creating the worlds fist aquatic toxic avenger. The genetics team integrated a bioluminescent gene found in crystal jellyfish known as GFP (Green Flourescent Protein) into a fertilized zebrafish egg and allowed it to gestate. The introduction of this gene into the embryos genome produced fluorescent green zebrafish. Experimentation with a variation of GFP resulted in yellow fluorescing fish. RFP (Red Flourescent Protein) found in certain species of sea coral added yet another twist in the spectrum of what was soon to be called Glofish.

The creation of the worlds first florescent fish was bound to draw some attention. It did not take long for news of NUSs success to reach the desks of entrepreneurs Alan Blake and Richard Crockett. They wasted no time in sewing up exclusive worldwide rights for the sell of Glofish. Yorktown Technologies of Austin, Texas then went to work commercially raising Glofish for the thriving aquarium trade industry. Fortunately for Blake and Crockett, fish farms for the production of zebra danios had been in existence in the southern parts of United States since as early as the 30s. It was not much of a leap to raise a species that is only a single gene removed.

Exactly what happens when corporate entities start announcing their intentions to unleash bioengineered transgenic organisms upon an unwary planet? Is this just an ultra-cool novelty item predestined to become a favorite among aquarium owners around the world? Or are we in fact letting a bioengineered genie escape from the bottle never to be returned? Once you allow the sell of a single transgenic organism on the open market the precedent has been set. Glofish could just as easily be construed as Frankenfish as they could be perceived as harmless new variety of aquarium fish. Many nations had already foreseen the eventual marketing of biologically manipulated organisms and had enacted legislation to prevent such an atrocity from ever happening. Those that did not took swift and decisive action. Even before Golfish were available for sale they were banned in Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada and California despite over two years of extensive ecological risk assessment studies preformed by Yorktown Technologies.

From an ecological standpoint, this is not simply a matter of genetic engineering. The southern platyfish, a native of Central America, is wreaking havoc in Hong Kongs freshwater ecosystems because of aquarium trade related releases into the wild. Its genetic cousin, the swordtail (Xiphophorus helleri) is endemic to both North and South America. Swordtails prefer the swift moving water and heavy vegetation of tropical rivers and streams but can make themselves right at home in creeks and canals. Consequently, they can adapt to a multitude of freshwater ecosystems. The swordtails prolific breeding has wreaked havoc on previously uninhabited ecosystems. Feral populations are significant in both Africa and Australia. This nuisance species has caused serious ecological damage on two continents. It is for this very reason that the sell of piranhas is illegal in most of the United States. If a seemingly harmless species such as swordtails and platyfish can inflict such damage on pre-established ecosystem one doesnt even want to consider what would happen if one of the most fearsome predators on the face of the planet was suddenly introduced at the top of the food chain. Point of fact: The sell and ownership of piranhas was legal in the U.S. until piranha specimens were discovered in the wild most likely after their intentional release because they had outgrown their fish tanks.

Do Glofish pose a threat? The end of World War II marked beginning of an explosion in the aquarium trade industry. There is only a single gene separating Glofish from their natural counterpart, zebra danio. Over 200 million of these fish have been imported and sold in the U.S. alone over the past half century. Zebrafish are incapable of surviving the temperate water conditions in all but the most southern states. To date, there has not been a single report of an established reproducing population in the wild anywhere in the United States.

A lot has happened since Glofish first hit the market in 2003. In the name of progress scientists have created fluorescing pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats. Im not sure how I would react if I suddenly realized that my daughters cat just gave birth to a litter of kittens that glowed under a black light. Although Im willing to bet that she would think it was the coolest thing since Sponge Bob Square Pants. Fish, on the other hand, can not impregnate an entire neighborhood if left to prowl freely. If the zebra danio was adaptable enough to become one of the ever growing number of nuisance species as a result of their global exportation they would already be on the list. While the sale of a genetically altered fish simply because they look prettier than their “natural” counterparts may be ethically questionable, they are strikingly beautiful fish. It almost begs the question, How many times have you upgraded a cell phone in perfect working order simply because the new model looked cooler, was more compact, or everyone in the office had a newer model than yours?

I love my Glofish. They turn more head than just about any freshwater fish Ive ever owned. I have an entire school of them displayed in my

Aquavista Wall Mount Aquarium.

If you found our article informative, uncover more interesting tidbits about everyones favorite

freshwater aquarium fish

by seeing the fish buying guide.

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Glofish: Are Genetically Engineered Pets the Wave of the Future?}

Global Industrial Explosives Market will be Valued at US$ 14.6 Billion by 2024-end


Market Research

Rising urbanization has catapulted the use of coal-fired power generation. Quarrying activities from all corners of the world are also resuming at a steady pace. Technological advancements are facilitating the resurgence of global mining industry. Factors such as these and many more are instrumenting the growth in global demand for industrial explosives. A recent report published by Persistence Market Research estimates that in 2016, more than US$ 9 billion worth of industrial explosives were sold in the world. In the course of next eight years, the global market for industrial explosives is anticipated to grow steadily at 5.6% CAGR and reach US$ 14.58 billion value.

In the report, titled Industrial Explosives Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2016-2024, Persistence Market Research predicts that more than 23 million metric tons of industrial explosives will be used up globally by the end of 2024. Key findings on the global industrial explosives market indicate that environment protection agencies and bodies will strongly coerce the production of industrial explosives. Manufacturers of industrial explosives will be compelled to bring forth advancements in their offerings, particularly towards reducing volumes of explosives used in large-scale explosions and lowering the environmental impact that follows.

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Surging Preference to Blasting Agents : With respect to the type of industrial explosives, the report clearly indicates an outright preference to blasting agents. Industrial verticals, where use of explosives is an integral part of production activities, are favoring the use of blasting agents. As opposed to high explosives, more than 22 million metric tons of blasting agents are forecasted to be sold by 2024. In due course of the projected period, global demand for high explosives will see a negligible dip. Nearly 95% of global industrial explosive revenues will be accounted by sales of blasting agents across various industrial sectors.

Construction Largest End-User of Industrial Explosives

The global building & construction industry needs blasting agents and explosives for creating subterranean pits, upon which edifices are erected. While mining remains to be one of the recognizable end-use of industrial explosives, revenues contributed by construction industries will be soaring at the highest CAGR of 6%. The report estimates that in 2016, more than US$ 1 billion of industrial explosives were consumed by construction activities. In terms of volume, metal mining and non-metal mining will collectively consume over 17 million metric tons of industrial explosive by the end of 2024. Stringent restriction for environmental laws, however, will inhibit the use of industrial explosives by quarrying industries.

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Higher Sales of Industrial Explosives in Asia-Pacific

In 2017 and beyond, revenues emanating from sales of industrial explosives across Asia-Pacific countries will be accounting for more than 40% of global revenues. Australian companies Orica Limited and Dyno Nobel Pty Limited (Incitec Pivot Limited) are two of the largest producers of industrial explosives in the world. By accounting for nearly 40% share of global revenues, these two companies continue to funnel billions into Asia-Pacifics industrial explosives market. Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group Company Limited, Ideal Industrial Explosives Ltd., and NOF Corporation are other key industrial explosive manufacturers based in this region.

North Americas industrial explosives is likely to lose traction over the course of forecast period, and will be valued at US$ 3 billion by 2024-end. US-based Autsin Power Holdings Company continues to contribute to global market revenues by offering accessories for carrying out industrial explosions in quarrying and mining.

Meanwhile, Latin Americas industrial explosives market will soar at the highest value CAGR of 6.5%. Chile-based Enaex SA is recognized as a prominent producer of industrial explosives, initiation systems, and blowing agents. Based in Peru, Exsa SA has gained global recognition for providing bulk emulsions, dynamites and cartridge emulsions to industries. Other key players in the global industrial explosives market include, Irish Industrial Explosives Limited, Eurenco, and MAXAMCORP HOLDINGS SL.

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Persistence Market Research (PMR) is a third-platform research firm. Our research model is a unique collaboration of data analytics and market research methodology to help businesses achieve optimal performance.To support companies in overcoming complex business challenges, we follow a multi-disciplinary approach. At PMR, we unite various data streams from multi-dimensional sources. By deploying real-time data collection, big data, and customer experience analytics, we deliver business intelligence for organizations of all sizes.

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The Mining Equipment Brokers


Martin SejasAustralia is one of the richest places in the world in some of the important minerals and other resources. It is known for its rich resources of Nickel, Gold, Uranium, Diamond, Zinc and iron which tops the list. Australia was ranked first in the world in 2008 as being the largest producer of iron ore, supplying over 340 million metric tones. Natural gas and petroleum has also been found in abundance in this rich country. These regions that have rich deposits are spread out all over the country including the Hunter Valley, Pilbara, Bowen Basin and Latrobe Valley amongst other areas.

The mining industry has both old and new players even as other entrepreneurship launch into mining. The mining process is by far evolved from the old procedures and equipment and employ the use of highly specialized equipments. The equipments in question are very expensive to purchase more so for the new companies just starting out in the industry. This has led to these companies looking for the equipment through mining equipment brokers who provide their services to companies that need them. The country is really rich in mineral and other resource deposits and mining has become a lucrative venture for many companies. This is where the mining equipment brokers step in and provide the greatly needed equipment making it one of the most profitable ventures.

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There are certain machinery that are not readily available in the local market or are not manufactured in Australia. This calls for the mining companies to try and seek the machinery from outside the country. The Australian mining equipment brokers play a big role in this as they are adept at handling external manufacturers and have the most experience in sourcing for mining equipment at competitive prices. This has enabled many mining companies to have their own equipment at affordable costs. The charges by these brokerage firms are dependent on the type of mining equipment required and whether they are available locally or internationally.

It is a fact that mining has been a drawback to the environmental preservation and aesthetics. Mining companies are required to put in place measures that will restore the mining area and preserve the environment as a whole. This opts for use of useful non-mining equipment. The mining equipment brokers also provide the opportunity for companies to purchase the equipment. They source the equipment and make them available to the companies at affordable prices. The equipment are vital in the role of environmental preservation as well as safety for the miners.

The mining equipment brokers in Australia have a firm association with elected officials who take care of their interests. The association represents the members in different forums to raise concern and awareness over the needs of their members. The elected officials also play a crucial role in the developing and passing of legislature that govern their industry. The services brokerage firms provide are very expensive and they do require major financial backing from banks and other financial services which have done just that.

If you are looking for

mining equipment finance

, then you have chosen the right place. Get the best

hire purchase

deal possible for mining equipment by getting in contact with one of our brokers today.

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Jobs In the future: Diesel Mechanic Specialists


Everett Kartchner

There are several reasons you will find to get gasoline services. Today the price if the gas is increasing day by day. Hence it is now indispensable to get the gas alteration. In Australia, you can easily have the best gas services and other car services with reasonable cost.


Discovering the right auto repair mechanic is simple. You just have to hold the right mindset in going about your search as well as the patience to scrutinize the options. The right auto repair auto technician will ensure that your car can last as long as probable.

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Wyotech is really a technical mechanic school which targets the vehicle, diesel, motorcycle, marine, collision and also refinishing, plumbing and electrician careers with campuses about Blairsville, Daytona, Fremont, Laramie, Very long Beach and Sacramento. This technical school creates mechanics and applicators of technology to different career fields.


Computerisation today can make it possible to do the same sort of diagnostic testing on cars in the field in which had to be done inside repair shops formerly. When diagnostic ability is combined with cell phone mechanic expertise, there is no doubt you will find very real repairs that can be done effectively onsite.


Different countries will vary regulations on how an aspirant may become an authorized and qualified auto technician. Since graduation, there are some curriculum which offers early preparation or vocational elective courses including that of car repairing. Similarly, apprenticeships and training software may be availed to improve the list of qualifications. Formal teaching and education may come from various technical schools as well as colleges.


Using the economy in such poor shape and the being out of work rate across the United States at a record higher, people are purchasing used cars for their travelling. Before making a decision on which car you want to purchase, you need to have a professional mechanic check over the vehicle and inform you of any mechanical troubles. Not only will this information be useful to you when negotiating a price, however, you will know if there are any serious concerns the seller has not informed you associated with.


Operating any forklift could possibly be a very rewarding job part getting as high as A$30 every hour through the entire several businesses which include warehouses, utility businesses and also farming. It is actually probably regarded a high-risk job which usually would need adequate fork lift training and also a certificate ahead of someone may possibly be designated because the forklift mechanic. Anybody who is at least 18 years old and who moves the forklift examination analysis could be a forklift auto mechanic.

There isn\’t a lot a mechanic can do to be able to affect the price of a maintenance concern.


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Landscape Architecture and Garden Design – Melbourne, Australia



In Australia it has not traditionally been important for the house holder to employ a landscape designer or landscape architect often feeling that this is within their own expertise. However in recent years, people have come to realise that they do not have either the skill or design ability to create a fully sustainable and coherent garden design to suit their lifestyle and choose plants suitable for the size and climatic conditions of their area.

Botanical Traditions – Landcape Architecture (Melbourne, Australia)

At Botanical Traditions we strive to capture the imagination with landscape design that enhances the constructed environment. The goal of all our garden design is to maximise the quality of indoor and outdoor living while at the same time providing cost effective sustainable returns for our clients.

Professional Landscape and Horticultural Design Our landscape design team consists of designers, horticulturists and strategic thinkers committed to mixing art with design and technology. We pride ourselves on having a strong partnership with our clients and other related professionals, such as landscapers and paving firms, to create beautiful, functional landscape and horticultural designs that really are an asset to their surroundings and the garden and lifestyle of their owners.

The Roman Landscape [750 BMA – 400MA]

The Romans carried out landscape design on a scale not seen again until recently. They left a strong imprint on the land. The Romans designed large urban open spaces with perforated edges. These public open spaces were designed to keep the masses entertained a point highlighted in the movie Gladiator. They combined garden and lifestyle ideas from the Greeks, Etruscans, Persians and Egyptians. In comparison to their public environments their residential site developments were typically inward looking.

The Greek Landscape [3000BMA – 31BMA]

Stretching over many centuries the Greek design style still has an impact on garden design today. Buildings were generally simple and symmetrical but many exhibited optical corrections. They also created optimum viewing points and used the proportions of the Golden Section. Typically a house was built around 1 or 2 garden rooms called a peristyle.

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The Gardens of Islam [600BMA – 1700]

The Koran states that individuals should try to create paradise on earth and it defines paradise as a garden with shade and water. All Islamic gardens are enclosed and provide privacy. The gardens are typically square in plan and are entered through an impressive gate. There is usually a main axis which is often a body of water which can be crossed by other axis. The gardens never have any depiction of the human form but will use elaborate patterns instead.

The Gardens of China [1700BMA – today]

Chinese gardens typically have a strong natural character in many cases influenced by the natural countryside, painters and poets, mythology, philosophy and social background of the time. Chinese landscape design represents the longest period of continuous development of any garden style.

The Landscape of Japan [650 – 1870]

Japanese gardens are designed for repose. They do not try to copy nature but to idealise and abstract it. Typically they have no geometric order. They is carefull attention given to the transition between the inside and outside areas.

The Landscape of Renaissanc Italy [1400 – 1700]

During this period of time there were two distinct periods the Mannerist and the Baroque. In Mannerist designs the aim was not to create harmony but to use tricks to create astonishing affects. Baroque design originated in Rome and was chiefly interested in creating spectacular displays.

The Renaissance Landscape of France

Many medieval built forms such as moats, corner towers and steep roofs were retained in France long after they had been abandoned in other countries. There were three distinct periods during the French Renaissance. In the early 16th century there was a strong Italian influence, followed by a brief period of transition and experimentation which resulted in a distinctive Baroque French Grand Style.

The Landscape of England

The English landscape has been influenced by the many different groups of people that have inhabited the land. Medieval developments in England were typically centred around the residential environment. During the 17th century ideas from Italy and France were incorporated into the English landscape on a small scale. It was not until the early 18th century and the emergence of the English Landscape School that landscape design was applied on a large scale. It was also at this time that the artistic ideas of unity, harmony, contrast, balance and focus began to be explored in landscape design.

The 19th Century English Garden

This period was one of rapid social change with the industrial revolution. The urban areas expanded and the provision of public recreational spaces became important. Botanical Gardens were established in most major towns and many royal estates were opened to the public. In the 1830s gardening magazines emerged as did a wider selection of plants. There were many notable designers from this period and they include Joseph Paxton, William Robinson and Gertrude Jekyll. Some designers through this period searched for a local style which used indigenous plants to create a national character rather than relying on the many new introduced plants at the time.

The American Colonial Landscape

The English, French, Dutch and Spanish all had an influence on early American landscape design. There were three distinct phases in colonial site developments. The early colonial period was characterised by a strongly utilitarian style. This was followed by the Jefferson period which was characterised by eclecticism and palladianism such as Monticello. The last period lasted from 1800 1860 and was characterised by eclecticism and neo-classicism. Public open space was provided in towns.

The 19th Century American Landscape

This was a period of great change and expansion in the United States. There was a period of great social change and after the civil war there was a greater focus on providing public parks in cities. Two major designers at the time were Andrew Jackson Downing and Frederick Law Olmstead. There was a strong belief that the environment could influence human behaviour and the first state parks were formed during this period.

The 20th Century American Landscape

After WWII there was a change in the type of landscape projects that occurred. There was a large increase in the numbers of houses, schools and universities as well as the large scale adoption of the car. This meant that an increasing amount of work was carried out in the outer suburbs. This also coincided with the establishment of large scale firms with international offices and a turn away from the traditional approach of an individual offering a personal service to clients.

The Landscape Design Revolution

It was not until the 1930s that there was a significant change in the design philosophies of the previous 100 years. This was the beginning of modernism. Modernism in landscape design was influenced by Modern Art (Cubist Garden, Hyeres, Gabrial Guevrekian), Science and the relationship between natural systems and human needs, Asian design and the technology and teaching of the Bauhaus. Fletcher Steele and Thomas Chruch followed by Garrett Eckbo, James rose and Dan Kiley practiced during this period.

Botanical Traditions – Landcape Architecture (Melbourne, Australia) Botanical Traditions – Landcape Architecture (Melbourne, Australia) Project Examples

Botanical Traditions – Landcape Architecture (Melbourne, Australia) Our Services

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Landscape Architecture and Garden Design – Melbourne, Australia