Submitted by: Henry Kay

Question: 1

Examine the parameters for your database instance:


————————– ——————————- —————————

undo_management string AUTO

undo_retentioninteger 12 00

undo_tablespace string UNDOTBS1

You execute the following command:


Which statement is true in this scenario?

A. Undo data is written to flashback logs after 1200 seconds.

B. Inactive undo data is retained for 1200 seconds even if subsequent transactions fail due to lack of space in the undo tablespace.

C. You can perform a Flashback Database operation only within the duration of 1200 seconds.

D. An attempt is made to keep inactive undo for 1200 seconds but transactions may overwrite the undo before that time has elapsed.

Answer: A

Question: 2

A user establishes a connection to a database instance by using an Oracle Net connection. You want to ensure the following:

1. The user account must be locked after five unsuccessful login attempts.

2. Data read per session must be limited for the user.

3. The user cannot have more than three simultaneous sessions.

4. The user must have a maximum of 10 minutes session idle time before being logged off automatically.

How would you accomplish this?

A. by granting a secure application role to the use

B. by implementing Database Resource Manage

C. by using Oracle Label Security options

D. by assigning a profile to the use

Answer: D

Question: 3

As a user of the ORCL database, you establish a database link to the remote HQ database such that all users in the ORCL database may access tables only from the SCOTT schema in the HQ database. SCOTTs password is TIGER. The service mane HQ is used to connect to the remote HQ database.

Which command would you execute to create the database link?





Answer: B

Question: 4

What happens if a maintenance window closes before a job that collects optimizer statistics completes?

A. The job is terminated and the gathered statistics are not saved.

B. The job is terminated but the gathered statistics are not published.

C. The job continues to run until all statistics are gathered.

D. The job is terminated and statistics for the remaining objects are collected the next time the maintenance window opens.

YouTube Preview Image

Answer: D

Question: 5

You plan to create a database by using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), with the following specifications:

Applications will connect to the database via a middle tier.

The number of concurrent user connections will be high.

The database will have mixed workload, with the execution of complex BI queries scheduled at night.

Which DBCA option must you choose to create the database?

A. a General Purpose database template with default memory allocation

B. a Data Warehouse database template, with the dedicated server mode option and AMM enabled

C. a General Purpose database template, with the shared server mode option and Automatic Memory Management (AMM) enabled

D. a default database configuration

Answer: C

Question: 6

Which two statements are true about the logical storage structure of an Oracle database?

A. An extent contains data blocks that are always physically contiguous on disk.

B. An extent can span multiple segments.

C. Each data block always corresponds to one operating system block.

D. It is possible to have tablespaces of different block sizes.

E. A data block is the smallest unit of I/O in data files.

Answer: B,D

Question: 7

Which two statements correctly describe the relationship between data files and logical database structures?

A. A segment cannot span data files.

B. A data file can belong to only one tablespace.

C. An extent cannot span data files.

D. The size of an Oracle data block in a data file should be the same as the size of an OS block.

Answer: B,C

Question: 8

Which statement is true about the Log Writer process?

A. It writes when it receives a signal from the checkpoint process (CKPT).

B. It writes concurrently to all members of multiplexed redo log groups.

C. It writes after the Database Writer process writes dirty buffers to disk.

D. It writes when a user commits a transaction.

Answer: D

Question: 9

The ORCL database is configured to support shared server mode. You want to ensure that a user connecting remotely to the database instance has a one-to-one ratio between client and server processes.

Which connection method guarantees that this requirement is met?

A. connecting by using an external naming method

B. connecting by using the easy connect method

C. creating a service in the database by using the dbms_service.create_service procedure and using this service for creating a local naming service

D. connecting by using the local naming method with the server = dedicated parameter set in the tnsnames.ora file for the net service

E. connecting by using a directory naming method

Answer: C,E

Question: 10

Which two tasks can be performed on an external table?

A. partitioning the table

B. creating an invisible index

C. updating the table by using an update statement

D. creating a public synonym

E. creating a view

Answer: D,E


Question: 11

Which three statements are true about a job chain?

A. It can contain a nested chain of jobs.

B. It can be used to implement dependency-based scheduling.

C. It cannot invoke the same program or nested chain in multiple steps in the chain.

D. It cannot have more than one dependency.

E. It can be executed using event-based or time-based schedules.

Answer: A,B,E

Question: 12

The HR user receives the following error while inserting data into the sales table:

On investigation, you find that the users tablespace uses Automatic Segment Space Management (ASSM). It is the default tablespace for the HR user with an unlimited quota on it.

Which two methods would you use to resolve this error?

A. Altering the data file associated with the USERS tablespace to ex automatically

B. Adding a data file to the USERS tablespace

C. Changing segment space management for the USERS tablespace to manual

D. Creating a new tablespace with autoextend enabled and changing the default tablespace of the HR user to the new tablespace

E. Enabling resumable space allocation by setting the RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT parameter to a nonzero value

Answer: A,D

Question: 13

Which three factors influence the optimizer’s choice of an execution plan?

A. the optimizer_mode initialization paramete

B. operating system (OS) statistics

C. cardinality estimates

D. object statistics in the data dictionary

E. fixed baselines

Answer: A,B,D

Question: 14

Examine the resources consumed by a database instance whose current Resource Manager plan is displayed.

SQL> SELECT name, active_sessions, queue_length,

Consumed_cpu_time, cpu_waits, cpu_wait_time

FROM v$rsrc_consumer_group;



———————————– ——————– ——————– ——————— —————-

OLTP__ORDER__ENTRY1029690 467


OTHES__GROUPS 0 059823664089


SYS_GROUP 1 02420704 914




Which two statements are true?

A. An attempt to start a new session by a user belonging to DSS_QUERIES fails with an error.

B. An attempt to start a new session by a user belonging to OTHE_GROUPS fails with an error.

C. The CPU_WAIT_TIME column indicates the total time that sessions in the consumer group waited for the CPU due to resource management.

D. The CPU_WAIT_TIME column indicates the total time that sessions in the consumer group waited for the CPU due to I/O waits and latch or enqueue contention.

E. A user belonging to the DSS__QUERIES resource consumer group can create a new session but the session will be queued.

Answer: C,E

Question: 15

Which action takes place when a file checkpoint occurs?

A. The checkpoint position is advanced in the checkpoint queue.

B. All buffers for a checkpointed file that were modified before a specific SCN are written to disk by DBWn and the SCN is stored in the control file.

C. The Database Writer process (DBWn) writes all dirty buffers in the buffer cache to data files.

D. The Log Writer process (LGWR) writes all redo entries in the log buffer to online redo log files.

Answer: C

Question: 16

Examine the structure of the sales table, which is stored in a locally managed tablespace with Automatic Segment Space Management (ASSM) enabled.

You want to perform online segment shrink to reclaim fragmented free space below the high water mark.

What should you ensure before the start of the operation?

A. Row movement is enabled.

B. Referential integrity constraints for the table are disabled.

C. No queries are running on this table.

D. Extra disk space equivalent to the size of the segment is available in the tablespace.

E. No pending transaction exists on the table.

Answer: D

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Unnati Aranya Noida



Unnati Fortune Aranya a prestigious residential apartment in sector 119, noida meticulously designed to execute grace and elegance in every aspect from the aesthetically design 2, 3 and 4 BHK spacious apartments, service suites, playing areas, villas, club, Chip & Putt Golf Course and commercial places nestled amidst lush green landscaped spaces with 20 metres green belt & appealing water bodies, a portrait of alluring living where life will bloom in all its manifestations.The Aranya makes you feel like living in perpetual paradise where each apartment comes with grandeur architecture, cross-ventilated rooms ensuring opulence of space, spacious bedrooms, well designed entrance lobby, furnished bathrooms and wide balconies attached with each room. Unnati Fortune Groups residential Project The Aranya is located at a prime location having various business hubs, corporate offices, shopping centers and world-class schools in the neighborhood.The Unnati Fortune Group is scaling new heights and touching the horizon of excellence.

The Aranya by Unnati Fortune will offer 2/3/4 BHK apartments that range from 1190-1250 sq. ft. These spacious apartments abide by all the factors that make a perfect home. This has lead towards solid contribution to create, construct and manage world class lifestyle.An eco-friendly green residential integrated township, the Aranya Noida is a well-developed housing project by Unnati Fortune Group has close proximity with Delhi and NCR. Discover a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle at Unnati Fortune Group Aranya sector 119 noida. The Aranya would be a place where families would grow and memories shared. The integrated community is planned to contain housing units, service suits, playing areas, villas, club, chip & putt golf course and commercial places.Unnati fortune group offers the highest standards of living to all its residents. The Aranya offers residential community in a world of peace and tranquility and a luxury lifestyle. The Aranya would be place where families would grow and memories would be shared. The project is being constructed in two unique phases intensified to shower high levels of comfort & luxury in the lap of nature & under pocket friendly budget.

USP of Project

Medium Density Project, Podium Based covered Parking. Direct access from floor to podium.

Provision for more than 2500 car parkings.

Ceiling height will be 10 feet for lower floors and 9’6″ for higher floors.

4 Side open plot

Provision of 4 lifts from every tower.

Approx 80% open green area with proposed housekeeping facility.

YouTube Preview Image

BSP- Rs 4150 sq. ft

Location advantages of The Aranya

08 Minutes drive to Noida City Center.

15 Minutes drive to NH-24.

15 Minutes drive from sec 18 Market.

20 Minutes drive from DND Flyway.

The Aranya Noida by Unnati Fortune Group comprises luxurious 2/ 3/ 4 BHK apartments at Sector 119, Noida. Aranya Sector 119 Noida is a meticulously planned and well-designed residential community nestled amidst lush green landscaped spaces with 20 meters green belt and appealing water bodies. Come and live in The Aranya Unnati Fortune Group, a place where you get the ease of a contemporary living in an magnificent environment equipped with all modern amenities It is the place where options for modern living are many. The people residing here will be experiencing the real tastes of life due to the availability of different modern amenities. Apart from these key factors, location will also be an advantage for those seeking a living space close to nature. The Aranya sec 119, noida falls in close vicinity of reputed educational institutions, medical facilities and shopping complexes.

Project Specifications:

Multi Utility Variable space

Children play area

Modern Gym with all facilities

Elevated apartments

Expanded corridors

Cut-outs with planters in corridors & deep green balconies

Community sitting area on each floor

Club house with modern amenities & many more

Pool side party lawn for celebrations.

Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Master Bedroom, Toilets, Semi Modular Kitchen, Stair case, Lobby/Corridors,

Power Back up, External Facade and much more.

24/7 Concierge Service

Open Air Theater

24 x 7 Water supply with 100% Power backup

15 mins drive from sec 18 market, noida

20 mins drive from DND Flyway

10 mins drive from Noida City Centre

The Aranya by Unnati Fortune will offer 2/3/4 BHK apartments that range from 1190-1250 sq. ft. The

Unati aranya

spacious apartments abide by all the factors that make a perfect home. Thefortune group provide

Unati aranya noida

luxury apartments in noida.

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Advantages Offered by Bollards


sylvanmarkIf you have been looking into bollards because you would like to invest in a smart solution that helps with vehicle and pedestrian control, the best idea you could have would be to rely on the professionals that actually manufacture these products and make them to last. A specific advantage that you will benefit from if you opt for the right bollards Sydney is the fact that their walls will have a heavy 5 mm thickness. This means that you will be able to enjoy their durability for many years to come, regardless of their purpose.Another interesting advantage associated with the right bollards is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that they can match your specific needs. Some of them are fixed, others are removable and others can be used for parking purposes. As you may have already probably found yourself in a situation where you came home from work and your parking place has been occupied by others, you will find the right products more than useful for protecting what is yours.When it comes to relying on bollards Sydney, you should know that the right manufacturer will even offer you the option to paint them so that you can add your personal touch. What you need to keep in mind is that there are different types out there that you might stumble upon, meaning that not all of them are made based on the same quality standards. That is exactly why you have to ensure that you look for hot-dip galvanised ones that have a specific wall-thickness as the one mentioned above.You should also be aware of the fact that these products are designed with the ultimate pedestrian and property protection in mind. This way, you will not have to worry about having a vehicle choose a path that is initially thought out for pedestrians. Another great fact that you should keep in mind regarding these products is that some of them are even great for directing traffic in tight spaces.This is the best way of avoiding a vehicle being damaged by hitting a wall or something similar. If you are a commercial property owner, you probably want to ensure that your customers are going to have their needs met regardless if they are drivers or pedestrians. Well, these products are meant to help you in this matter by showing clients where vehicles can go, if only pedestrians are allowed on that path and so on. Either way, before you decide to make such an investment, do a bit of research and rely only on a supplier that is also a manufacturer. Said provider should never compromise on quality for quantityAre you looking for more useful information regarding the many advantages associated with bollards ( If that is the case, you should know that you do not have to do anything other than just click on the right link and visit our website where you can ask for a quote or order the bollards Sydney ( you want today!

Are you looking for more useful information regarding the many advantages associated with

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? If that is the case, you should know that you do not have to do anything other than just click on the right link and visit our website where you can ask for a quote or order the

bollards Sydney

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Submitted by: Princess Cruz

Looking to do something fun and exciting during your Spring vacation? Try a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. These trips depart daily from Las Vegas and South Rim and deliver a Canyon experience that you’ll never forget.

There are two places from which you can do a helicopter ride: Las Vegas and South Rim. Both destinations let you fly in the morning, afternoon and at sunset. But RSVP your tour because they sell out quickly.

More specifically, I recommend you buy your tour at least two weeks in advance. That will guarantee you get seats and more importantly it guarantees you get the best seats at the best price. Avoid buying tickets in Vegas or at South Rim as you’ll always pay more.

Las Vegas

From Vegas you can do a flyover or landing tour. Both use the same flight path, which means you’ll fly over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, the Colorado River and the Canyon. Landing tours, however, will take you to the top or the bottom.

My preference is landing tours, especially the one that descends 3,500 feet to the bottom for a Champagne picnic. Lots of travelers like to upgrade this tour by adding a boat tour down the Colorado River, which I highly recommend.

If you land on top, make sure to do one that includes the fabulous Grand Canyon Skywalk, which is the all-glass bridge that lets you walk more than 75 feet over the edge until you are “floating” a whopping 4,000 feet over the bottom. I also need to point out that all Skywalk tours include a VIP ticket, which means you don’t have to wait in line because you get to skip to the top and be first.

South Rim

There are no landing tours at the South Rim. Just flyovers. That’s because landing tours are banned at the South Rim by the National Park Service. As such, you must choose from 30-minute or 50-minute tours. Both go through the Dragoon Corridor, the widest, deepest section of the Canyon.

That said, I much more prefer the 50-minute flight because it includes the South Rim, East Rim and North Rim, which when taken altogether is about 75 percent of the National Park. In fact, if you are at the Canyon and have only limited time, this is the only option I propose you take.

Basic or Deluxe

You get to choose between basic and deluxe helicopter tours from both destinations. Simply put, basic helicopter tours use the older helicopters while the deluxe tours use the new ones. Additionally, deluxe Las Vegas tours include limousine hotel transfers and an extended flight over the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Indeed, deluxe costs more but in my opinion the perks make them well worth the price.


I hope this article about Grand Canyon helicopter tours for Spring visitors proved helpful. Remember, you must determine if you will take the tour from Las Vegas or South Rim and everything flows from there. Lastly, you’ve got to book these tours in advance and from my experience two weeks is best. Finally, make sure you book your tour online in order to get the Internet price, which is the absolute cheapest.

About the Author: The author is a Grand Canyon expert and recommends going here for the best

South Rim helicopter

tours and here for ones that depart from Las Vegas:


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Submitted by: Richard Stoyeck

Dont you just love it? General Motors cant make a quality car to save its life, which is what its trying to do, and it wants Nissan to give it billions of dollars to show respect for a failed company. Over the last couple of years, you have heard of failed nation states, many of them in Africa. Countries that cant feed themselves, and have just about as much wealth as is necessary to put an embassy in NY, so their diplomats can dine at the United Nations, and park overnight with diplomatic plates.

Now we have failed corporate states like General Motors who cant get out of their own way, and probably have no justification for remaining in business other than the fact that theyve been around for something approaching a century. If you really think about it, other than the employees who would anyone miss General Motors if they went out of business tomorrow, maybe even today. The remaining players would immediately pick up their market share, and we wouldnt have to watch the slow market attrition that is taking that share down anyway.

There will come a time if they remain in business, that only aliens coming to visit our planet will buy General Motors vehicles. The news recently is ludicrous. Carlos Ghosn runs Nissan-Renault. This man has done a world-class turnaround over the last several years, making billions of dollars for a company that very few thought could be turned around.

Rick Wagoner is the typical corporate bureaucrat that spent decades at GM while its market share slid down the tubes. The two of them have been talking about some sort of consortium at the behest of GMs major shareholder Kirk Kerkorian, who wants GM turned around tonight, today, yesterday. Wagoner has now decided that Nissan should pay GM billions of dollars for GMs perceived greater value.

What value? Hey dude, you just lost $10 billion last year. Youve bought out thirty five thousand employees that you cant find work for. Youre a textbook case study in how to lose money by selling inferior products, and you believe you bring greater value to a partnership with Nissan, than Nissan brings to you. HELLO, ANYBODY HOME?

One of the first lessons anybody learns if they are active in the stock market is, you have to deal with reality, not your perceived reality, but whats really taking place. GM has yet to do a full, truthful self-assessment and figure out where they are. What are you doing wrong? You cant be doing things right, and lose $10 billion in a year. Youve got sales all right, but your customers are so disenchanted with your product that they are not allowing you to price your product at a number that allows you to take a profit out of the sale. Thats how you lose money, and you cant make it up on volume.

You also have the issue of your competitions pricing. The other guys are giving their customers perceived value and real value. The value is so great, that it is disallowing you a profit in the vehicles that you are putting on the market. Its that simple.

But wait, theres more!!

Toyota, your main rival for world supremacy just came out with a new Lexus LS 460 with built in features that GM isnt even thinking about. Its not even on the drawing boards at GM. THE LEXUS CAR PARKS ITSELF. Its got sonar distance finding devices that link up to its navigation system. This thing can pull into a parallel parking position with the driver basically watching the car park itself.

Mercedes will envy the paint job at twice the price, and a first ever 8-speed transmission. How does a car with 380 horsepower get 19 miles to the gallon anyway? With a crash sensing system that prepares the brakes and airbags for the coming impact, this Lexus may give new meaning to the word safety. Whats going on here? For $70,000, Lexus will give you a car that BMW, and Mercedes cant even dream about making for the price.

I have talked with representatives of the Japanese automobile companies. They think GM is on the ropes, and who can argue. The old giant is pumping out iron that just doesnt do it anymore. The only employees happy at the company are hebephrenics on the assembly line who are taking too many pain killers. Theres also Chairman Rick Wagoner who appears to be constipated in every interview he gives, and wants a financial tribute from Nissan to boot.

The Future of GM

General Motors will continue to exist. If the consumer bought only on the basis of quality, and bang for the buck, GM would have filed for bankruptcy years ago. The consumer buys for other reasons though, aside from quality. Some have never driven a Japanese car, and wouldnt consider it. Once you drive Japanese, buying American cars becomes unthinkable. Some buyers live in sections of the country where there is peer group pressure to buy American, such as the Midwest.

People on the East coast, and West coast however have basically shunned GMs vehicles. The Big 3 automaker will never recapture anything in those two markets again. I cant imagine how they turn around corporate morale. With seventeen layers of management compared to Toyotas five, I dont know how anyone is proud to say, I work for GM.

Would I love to see GM come back? You bet I would, how does it happen with an arrogant management team, trained by the guys that lost the ship to begin with. Wagoners team are the type of guys that would have screwed up the Iraq war worse than what it is, and I cant imagine how it could be much worse. You need an outsider, with no loyalties to insiders, who can come in and SHAKE THINGS UP. Is it going to happen? Probably not, but thats still what it takes. GM may have already gone through critical thresholds, and will just continue to peter out. Toyota on the other hand has just announced they are hiring 8,000 new engineers. Any takers?

About the Author: Richard Stoyecks background includes being a limited partner at Bear Stearns, Senior VP at Lehman Brothers, Kuhn Loeb, Arthur Andersen, and KPMG. Educated at Pace University, NYU, and Harvard University, today he runs Rockefeller Capital Partners and


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The Swearing Punch Ball is a miniature-punching ball on a spring stand that swears when you flick it. With phrases such as F*ckin Jerk, Eat Sh*t and Youre an Ar**hole, you can let off steam without having to say a word! The Swearing Punch Ball measures approximately 7 cm x 14 cm x 7 cm and runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included). Simply sucker it to your desk and punch away!

Have you ever turned the air blue when youve been so hacked off with a situation, be it at work or home? There comes a time in all our lives when something or someone causes us enough grief or annoyance that we feel the need to blurt out expletives. Not to mention the temptation to slap someone around the face with a wet fish! Well, now you can cuff those curses by using the Swearing Punch Ball. Punch your profanities and grievances away until your hearts content or at least until the batteries run out! But dont worry, the batteries can be replaced! With very little effort all your woes will flitter away!

The Swearing Punch Ball is a fun desktop gadget for anyone over 18 years old, and makes a great gift for office colleagues too! The workplace can always guarantee moments of sheer frustration. Be it with your boss, who has gleefully overflowed your in tray on a Friday afternoon or has just informed you that you are now working on the weekend. Resist the urge to flick him around the head continuously and take it out on the desktop Swearing Punch Ball instead. Go a few rounds with the cute punch ball and let it vent your feelings by saying Youre an Ar**hole from the privacy of your desk, and more importantly out of earshot of your boss!

The Swearing Punch Ball will be your road to salvation when it comes to the need to air irritations. Maybe you are at University and you are trying to study, but your musical room-mates have turned the living room into a live lounge? Well, dont go all rock star and trash their guitars and throw the keyboard out of the window. Practice your hits and knock out a few numbers with your Swearing Punch Ball! Its apt phrases will sing your blues away and have you back on track in no time!

The Swearing Punch Ball certainly can pack a punch when it comes to settling your stress. Allow the desktop punch ball to literally take the words right out of your mouth! If you are looking for a hilarious adult novelty gift, then the Swearing Punch Ball is the perfect choice. Swipe your gripes away and let it do the straight talking for you!

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