byAlma Abell

Metal fabrication is the process of constructing or assembling various types of metal structures through cutting, bending and welding. Metal fabrication is different from forging and casting, which mainly involve melting and molding metal alloys. The raw materials used in fabrication include tube metal, plate metal, welding rods and wires, castings and formed or expanded metal. Typical metal fabrication projects include constructing structural frames for buildings and heavy machinery, loose parts, handrails and stair for buildings. Usually, an established fabricating firm bids on jobs by submitting drawings, and if they are awarded the contract, they build the specified products.

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Once a contract has been awarded, the process of Metal Fabrications in Pascagoula Mississippi begins. The metal fabricators will procure the raw materials required to create the product. These materials are first cut to the correct size. Cutting can be done manually or automatically. When done manually, tools such as saws, chisels and shears are used to shape the metal into different forms. When done automatically, plasma and laser cutting devices are used. Metal can then be formed using dies. Rolling machines and tube bending machines are also used to bend and maker round sections of the metal. The metal components or structures are then welded together, and after cooling the machine is sandblasted and painted. The final product is inspected to ensure it conforms to the given specifications before it is sent to the client.

Many metal fabrication technicians specialize in specific processes depending on the needs of their clients and their own expertise. These processes may include drawing, spinning, shearing, brazing, casting, forging, welding and punching. Some higher levels of specialization can also include electrical and hydraulic services. Thus, when choosing a metal fabrication firm, look for a company that has a team of highly skilled engineers who are equipped with advanced fabricating machines. This will ensure that your metals are fabricated properly, and according to the structural requirements of the project.

By hiring professionals for your Metal Fabrications in Pascagoula Mississippi, you can be rest assured that you will achieve the desired layout for your sheet metal. For additional details about professional metal fabrication services, and how to hire an established metal fabricating company, please visit or their Facebook page.