Premier Timeshare Solutions Scam Complaints: The Full Story


Timeshare SolutionsIf you are fond of vacationing around the world but the hassle of renting a hotel is bothering you, it’s time to buy a timeshare. By purchasing a timeshare, you get the opportunity to use the property for your next vacation. Most of the times, you have to stay in a condo with a full kitchen and the choice depends on the place where you are going on vacation. A timeshare deal might appear good on the surface, but you have to consider a lot of things while making a choice. Although, most of the timeshare properties are legitimate but there are chances of you getting involved in premier timeshare solutions scam

and shady deals. Many timeshare brokers use hard-sell techniques that are not illegal but unethical.

Many timeshare owners have been scammed in different ways. Once this happens with you or somebody you know, you will never be able to completely support the timeshare ownership and vacationing concept. But this can be avoided by taking some precautions. There are a few things to keep in mind before you make a timeshare contract or lose money:One should never pay any upfront amount. If you are dealing with a reputed timeshare selling company, it will never ask for upfront fees. The thumb rule is that nobody will ever pay a fee to sell his property or to a real estate agent to advertise and list the home. The negotiated contract has this clause and the fees are always included in the commission received by the real estate agent. Never rent, sell or buy a timeshare from a company without doing an extensive research about it. If the agency is interested in dealing with you, tell them that you want to check them out and you will reach them after two or three days. A reputed company will accept this and provide you with its contact number. If you have come across a scammer, he will object on you researching about the reputation and try to convince you for a faster deal. You should check the Internet, forums, blogs as well as talk to previous clients to know the market reputation of the timeshare dealer.Do not make a perception just by checking out the nice looking and highly convincing website of the company. If the company claims that its website is registered with the Better Business Bureau, don’t fall for it. BBB recognizes a company that has been in existence for at least one year and agrees to its terms & conditions. It is seen that most of the consumers don’t file premier timeshare solutions complaints

even after getting scammed. Dealing with


scam can be easier if in-depth analysis being done.

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