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The Swearing Punch Ball is a miniature-punching ball on a spring stand that swears when you flick it. With phrases such as F*ckin Jerk, Eat Sh*t and Youre an Ar**hole, you can let off steam without having to say a word! The Swearing Punch Ball measures approximately 7 cm x 14 cm x 7 cm and runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included). Simply sucker it to your desk and punch away!


Have you ever turned the air blue when youve been so hacked off with a situation, be it at work or home? There comes a time in all our lives when something or someone causes us enough grief or annoyance that we feel the need to blurt out expletives. Not to mention the temptation to slap someone around the face with a wet fish! Well, now you can cuff those curses by using the Swearing Punch Ball. Punch your profanities and grievances away until your hearts content or at least until the batteries run out! But dont worry, the batteries can be replaced! With very little effort all your woes will flitter away!

The Swearing Punch Ball is a fun desktop gadget for anyone over 18 years old, and makes a great gift for office colleagues too! The workplace can always guarantee moments of sheer frustration. Be it with your boss, who has gleefully overflowed your in tray on a Friday afternoon or has just informed you that you are now working on the weekend. Resist the urge to flick him around the head continuously and take it out on the desktop Swearing Punch Ball instead. Go a few rounds with the cute punch ball and let it vent your feelings by saying Youre an Ar**hole from the privacy of your desk, and more importantly out of earshot of your boss!


The Swearing Punch Ball will be your road to salvation when it comes to the need to air irritations. Maybe you are at University and you are trying to study, but your musical room-mates have turned the living room into a live lounge? Well, dont go all rock star and trash their guitars and throw the keyboard out of the window. Practice your hits and knock out a few numbers with your Swearing Punch Ball! Its apt phrases will sing your blues away and have you back on track in no time!

The Swearing Punch Ball certainly can pack a punch when it comes to settling your stress. Allow the desktop punch ball to literally take the words right out of your mouth! If you are looking for a hilarious adult novelty gift, then the Swearing Punch Ball is the perfect choice. Swipe your gripes away and let it do the straight talking for you!

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