By Dhruv Patel

You can earn unbelievable profits, if you can build your customers list. Listing plays the key role in every successful online business. It is your list that decides your sales. There are many simple ways to get the details of the user. Of course, even without spending many dollars you are capable of gathering the details. This article will give you some tips to develop your list and increase the sales.

1]Offer gifts and develop the list:

This simple technique can be followed by anyone. The first step of list building is creating traffic to your site. When more people visit your site, you are sure to develop your list. So, firstly you should post informative contents in your blogs and websites and invite more users. You should induce your customers to leave their personal information such as name, address, e-mail ID etc. with you. You can offer free worthy gifts to your customers in exchange of their e-mail ID and other details. Suppose, if you are selling cars, you can offer a catalogue or 15 page e-book on ‘how to maintain a car’. This free gift will be useful for the customer, so they will not hesitate to add their name to your listing.

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2]Gather details when they sign up

Your website is visited by many people every day. So, you should cleverly add their name to your list. This is one of the ways to consistently manage your sales and profit. You should allow every visitor to leave their personal details when they enter your site. Every page of website should be designed in a way, so that the user who visits your website does not leave the site without providing their personal details.

So, once you got the customers list, you should work on marketing your products to them. Your first contact with your customer should not be about your products. Your e-mail marketing should start with introduction of your company, business and products. Your first mail should impress your customer; so thank him/her for subscribing with you. Start marketing your products from the second or third mail. You can smoothly convey the new products launched by your company or the discounts offered etc. You can leave a backlink and invite them to your site to know more details. So, you create more trust on your product through this e-mail marketing. When your third or fourth mail reaches them, they will start analyzing the products of your company. So, it takes 7 to 8 e-mail to cover a single customer. You can use an autoresponder to send frequent mails and keep in touch with your customers.

Few things to avoid in e-mail marketing

Do not give e-mail daily to your potential customers. Do not fill the mail with unnecessary information. Then your mail is likely to be added in the spam list. The customer is also likely to delete your e-mail if sent daily. It is fair and fine if you can send four or five mails in a month.

So, with the combination of good listing and e-mail marketing, you are sure to develop your online business. You can reach millions of customers through e-mail marketing.

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