Completing a triathlon is a huge accomplishment. It is a physically grueling test that requires hours of training. You can upgrade your training equipment or performance equipment for better swim times. If you are looking for new Swimming Equipments and Accessories, here are some new pieces of equipment you should consider.

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Aqua Skull CapAn aqua skull cap is similar to a speedo cap in the way that they both cut back on resistance in the water. This allows for quicker swimming times, as well as protecting your head from the water. A new piece of equipment to look into is a thermal skull cap. This cap has wool embedded in it to keep your head warm, thus becoming invaluable for swimmers in colder climates.

Water Resistant Mp3 PlayerMost athletes use music to motivate them, or to help them keep to a certain pace. You can even use music to gplayer or buy a player that is specifically designed to be water resistant.

Swim GlovesSwimming gloves have material that webs the fingers from the knuckle down. This allows for freedom of movement in your fingers while at the same time allowing for a better and more effective way to paddle your hands in the water to create the quickest movements. Swim gloves will also protect your fingers from the cold water as well. These gloves can help you improve your overall swim time.

If you are looking to improve on your swim portion of your triathlon time, you should consider investing in new swim equipment such as Urban Tri Gear LLC. New advances in technology always appear on the market with new products designated to help improve your swimming experience. New Swimming Equipments and Accessories can mean the difference between improving your time or staying the same. There is also equipment that can be used for training to help improve your time.

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