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One of the best ways for you to look elegant without spending too much money is to purchase designer inspired earrings. Bear in mind that the earrings are the accessories closest to your face. They are the ones which are first noticed when you are talking to people. Designer inspired earrings are reasonably priced, and if they come with necklaces, rings and bracelets, you can even wear the whole set and look ultra posh in your outfit.

What is the advantage of these earrings? Designer inspired jewelry in general are seldom made from expensive stones and precious metals. Most of the time, they are made from cubic zirconia which is a synthetic gem made to look like diamonds. These gems are cheaper, and as a result, bring down the price of the piece of jewelry. The only thing that makes CZ designer inspired earrings cheaper, though, is the lack of rarity of the material. In terms of clarity and brilliance, these stones can rival the ‘real’ thing any day. They could even look better.

You can purchase designer inspired earrings made from white gold if you think the style would last for a long time and the investment is worth it. If the style looks ‘hot’ for the season but not classic enough to stay in the fashion scene for years, stainless steel, silver, and other costume jewelry metals should do the trick. Be careful about purchasing a metal that is too cheap, though. Make sure you are not allergic to it. Stay away from nickel-based metals as these can irritate sensitive skin.

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Choose your style well. There are dangling designer inspired earrings and stud ones. Stud earrings are minimalist and work well on facial shapes which do not need slimming or lengthening effect. They also please those who are really minimalists at heard and do not like the extra flashiness which come with dangle or chandelier earrings. Most women reserve really long dangle earrings for special occasions like evening balls or special dates.

They also seldom wear big or lengthy earrings with any other accessories because they don’t want to be overpowered by their jewelry. You may wear designer inspired dangle earrings even in the day time, but be careful about the length. The general rule is the longer the dangle earring, the more formal the look becomes.

Dangle earrings should never touch the wearer’s shoulder and should ideally not fall past the chin. For day wear, short dangle earrings should give the wearer enough femininity without appearing too over-the-top.

Caring for designer inspired pieces is easy. All you really need to do is to get to know what materials were used to make these pieces of jewelry. This way, you know whether or not they would tarnish when exposed to moisture, and where to keep them so that both the stones and the metal would remain brilliant. Even white gold designer inspired pieces should be kept well. Avoid bathing with these pieces because the chemical reaction with your lotions and soaps can damage the material. Keep these jewelries in a safe, cushioned box and polish them with the right solution every once in a while.

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