Thursday, February 2, 2006

Bathurst Regional Council, the local government responsible for the city of Bathurst and its surrounds in Central Western New South Wales, Australia yesterday revealed it had received a development application for the new Bathurst Base Hospital.

The new hospital is to be built behind the current hospital on the same site and is expected to cost the New South Wales government AUD96 million. The Bathurst Hospital will be the first in the Bathurst-Orange-Bloomfield redevelopment project.

The new hospital will have 149 beds, up from 85 for the current hospital. The hospital will also feature a mental health unit – previously psychiatric patients had to travel to Orange to the Bloomfield Hospital for treatment.

The Bathurst Hospital is expected to have state-of-the art facilities and will share some services with the to be constructed Orange Base Hospital.

The Bathurst Regional Council has approved the demolition of 12 buildings on the hospital site for enabling works. The hospital site is heritage listed although council decided that as the buildings do not contribute to the streetscape they may be demolished.

The demolitions are expected to take place late next month and will take around six weeks to complete. A temporary driveway will then be built to replace the current service entry for food and linen as it will become part of the work site.

Upon completion of the new hospital, the current ward block will be demolished leaving the original building from the late 19th century intact. The original building is expected to become an education centre and consulting rooms.

The original building was opened in 1834. Since then the facility has undergone numerous upgrades and add-ons, with the present ward block being opened in stages from 1978 to 1982.

Other buildings expected to be retained include the Daffodil Cottage (a cancer care centre) and the original Nurse’s quarters known as Poole House.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Fire broke out on Friday morning and destroyed the bottom two floors of a six-story hospital in Miryang, South Korea, killing at least 37 people, most of them elderly. More than a hundred injuries were reported, with eighteen people in critical condition. This is the highest death toll from fire in South Korea in almost a decade.

The fire is believed to have started at about 7:30 local time, according to fire chief Choi Man-woo. It originated on the ground floor in the emergency room as per various officials. The hospital has 98 beds and a medical staff of about 35, and specializes in long-term care of elderly patients. It adjoins a nursing home, all of whose 94 residents were evacuated. Staff carried some patients out of the hospital on their backs.

One patient, Jang Yeong-jae, who told his story to JoongAng Ilbo, said he escaped by removing a screen from a window to get to a ladder placed by firefighters. He described people “running around in panic, falling over and screaming as smoke filled the rooms”. The majority of the victims died from smoke inhalation and are believed to be elderly, said the head of the city’s public hospital, Chun Jae-kyung. A doctor, a nurse, and a nursing assistant have died, according to the fire service; it took three hours to put out the fire.

In a press briefing, Seok Gyeong-sik, the director of the hospital, apologized to patients and their families. Son Kyung-chul, its chairman, stated that there were no sprinklers because the facility was small. Sprinklers are being installed in the nursing home, where a new law requires them by June 30.

Last month, 29 people died in a fire in a gym in Jecheon; the owner and the manager were arrested for safety violations. In 2014, a blaze in a nursing home in Jangseong left 21 dead. The President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, responded to the Friday fire by calling an emergency meeting of his staff, and promised that the cause would be found rapidly “to prevent the recurrence of the fire in the future”.

Mars rover engineers build test sandbox

Mars rover engineers build test sandbox

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Mars rover engineers have built a test bed simulating the condition of the Mars Rover Opportunity, which became stuck in a Martian sand dune on April 26. The test bed uses a combination of materials including play sand for children’s sandboxes, diatomaceous earth for swimming pool filters, and mortar clay powder.

Opportunity dug into soft sand to wheel-hub depth as it drove over a dune about one-third meter (one foot) tall and 2.5 meters (8 feet) wide. “We’ve climbed over dozens of ripples, but this one is different in that it seems to be a little taller and to have a steeper slope, about 15 degrees on part of its face,” said Mark Maimone, a Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) rover mobility engineer. Tests will be conducted using an Earth-bound twin of the rover and the simulated Martian dune to determine how to best maneuver Opportunity out of the predicament before transmitting commands to the actual vehicle.

“We choose to proceed cautiously, so we don’t expect to begin actually driving out of the dune before next week, possibly later,” said Jim Erickson, rover project manager at JPL. “Both Opportunity and Spirit have already provided many more months of scientific exploration than anyone expected. By taking good care of them, we hope to keep them exploring for more months to come. Tests so far have sustained our optimism about Opportunity’s ability to drive out of this dune, but we have more testing ahead to understand how robust that capability is.”

Engineers constructed a simulated dune last week using sand that was already at JPL’s rover testing facility and put a test rover into a similar dug-in position. The test rover had no difficulty driving away, even when sunk belly-deep. However, that sand offered better traction than the finer, looser material that appears to make up the surface at Opportunity’s current position. “We needed to do tests using material more like what Opportunity is in, something that has a fluffier texture and cakes onto the wheels,” said JPL rover engineer Rick Welch, who is leading the tests.

Based on images of wheels and wheel tracks from Mars, Dr. Robert Sullivan of Cornell University, a rover science team member, working with engineers in the JPL test bed, helped match the properties of the test sand as closely as possible with those of the sand beneath Opportunity, “We found that when the wheels dig in, the material we’re using does stick to the wheels and fills the gaps between the cleats, but it doesn’t stick when you’re just driving over it. That’s good because it’s the same as what we see in the images from Opportunity,” Sullivan said. Experiments show that the test rover, after some initial wheel-spinning, can drive out of the more powdery material.

The team went to several home supply and hardware stores to find enough bags and boxes of the ingredients to make more than 2 tons of the simulated Mars sand for the more realistic mobility tests, according to JPL rover mobility engineer Jeff Biesiadeckia.

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Soap Making Beginners, Do You Need To Purchase Molds?

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By Jeffrey Dorrian

The first soap mold I ever used was a drawer from an old dresser that was taking up space in my basement. Most soap makers start with some type of rectangular container. It should be at least 3.5 inches high as this will give you a little room for errors. Pvc piping is also popular for making round soap and is available at any hardware store for a nominal cost and you may have in your garage or basement.

Most cardboard boxes will work well as soap molds. Save a few and see which one works best for your volume of soap. You can easily line them with a plastic garbage bag that you have cut along the seams and laid across the box and tucked into the corners. Your soap will slide easily from the mold and you can then peal the bag right off the soap.

If you use a large flat box you can then pour your soap about 1.5 inches thick across the entire surface of the box. When you do it this way, please be sure and give some extra layers of insulation when curing as the large flat surface will dissipate the heat much more quickly than a thicker batch. After 24 hours you can then use cookie cutters to stamp out cute shapes of soap. If the soap is still too moist leave it uncovered for a few hours and it should harden up just enough to allow a nice cut with your cookie cutters.

YouTube Preview Image

Triangle bars are great looking bars that are easy to make. Take your block of soap out of the mold after 24 hours and cut lenghth wise into strips approximately 2.5 inches wide. Start at the end of each strip and make a 45 degree cut from the corner. Next, make another cut in the opposite direction, again at 45 degrees. This makes nice wedges of soap that are very attractive and easy to sell.

If you would like to make soap balls pour your block of soap more than 2 inches thick. Then after 24 hours take you soap out the mold and get an ice scream scoop and start making soap balls. Be sure to wear protective gloves to smooth out the edges. If you have two different soaps available you can scoop large chunks of each and use the contrasting colors to make a truly unique soap ball.

For specialty soap, you can use any extra candy molds you might have in your kitchen. Be sure and use only those that you have no intention of making candy with anymore. I sometimes would use old dessert cups that have a very nice round shape and make a very attractive bar of soap. Examine any and all baking utensils and molds that you aren’t using, these make great improvised molds for soap.

If you have any trouble extracting your soap from molds, let the soap stand in the freezer overnight. The soap will pop out of the mold the next morning. Some soap makers put a thin layer of petroleum jelly into molds that have nooks and crannies. Don’t use shortening as it will start to saponify along with your soap mix.

About the Author: Jeffrey Dorrian is the webmaster at He has been making handmade soap for six years.

“Soap making

is a great hobby.” Check out our

soap making



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Hundreds of SUNY New Paltz students demonstrate, storm administration building

Hundreds of SUNY New Paltz students demonstrate, storm administration building

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

New Paltz, New York — More than 350 U.S. students took part in a demonstration Friday outside the SUNY New Paltz Student Union Building where student leaders used a bullhorn from the rooftop to rally the gathering on the concourse below. University police dispersed student leaders from the roof which was followed by more than 100 students storming the Haggerty Administration Building (HAB).

During the 2004–2005 academic year, students lobbied for a $10 million renovation project for their Student Union Building, which has not been renovated since its construction more than 30 years ago.

HAB spokesman Eric Gullickson said that the supplemental appropriation for the project is the largest in the history of the college and that the six-member advisory committee includes three students but that; “the Student Association, which was offered the first seat on this committee, declined the opportunity,” Gullickson said.

Student leaders, including Student Body President R.J. Partington III and Student Senate ChairJustin Holmes, who played a role in organizing this demonstration, testified during the Spring 2005 semester before the New York State Assembly Committee on Higher Education, eventually winning the renovation project. Holmes says that Gullickson’s assertions are; “an out-and-out lie. The SA was never offered such a seat. We were offered 1 seat on a seven seat committee, with the administration selecting the other six members.”

The major arguments for a capital project on the Student Union Building were that it:

  • did not accommodate organizations and organization office needs
  • lacked crucial technology for student mobilization
  • was built for a student population less than half the size of 2005, and
  • was one of the longest standing Student Unions in the SUNY system which had not undergone a renovation

During the Fall 2005 semester the HAB claimed that it would oversee the renovation project, citing the need for a larger lobby and bookstore.

The Kingston Daily Freeman reported:

The crystallizing issue for the demonstration was the upcoming $10 million renovation of the Student Union building. The renovation, scheduled to begin in about two years, will be the first major change to the building since it was built 34 years ago, according to college spokesman Eric Gullickson, who said the supplemental appropriation for the project in the state budget is the largest in the college’s history.

Gullickson also said that a six-member committee had been formed to guide the design process, but student leaders, including Partington, were told that the proposed committee would be seven members, including four non-students and two students who were appointed by the HAB.

“No matter the size and makeup of the HAB’s so-called renovation committee, it has nothing to do with the actual renovation process, which will be administered by a student committee, with input from other parties of course considered,” responded Holmes.

During the Fall 2005 semester, Student Body President R.J. Partington III attempted to negotiate with Administrators, including HAB President Steven G. Poskanzer, over the project.

The HAB refused to concede to student demands.

At this point, the Student Senate passed legislation proclaiming that the project would be overseen by a committee where students constitute a majority, and Partington announced that he “did not recognize and would not sit on” any committee that did not meet the needs of students.

Vice President of Acacdemic Affairs & Governance, Stephanie Adika said, “If the HAB won’t even listen to us about our own building, how are they going to listen to us about all the other problems the students have with SUNY New Paltz.”

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Ukrainian ship MV Faina with cargo of tanks freed by pirates

Ukrainian ship MV Faina with cargo of tanks freed by pirates

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pirates in Somalia have released the MV Faina, a Ukrainian ship carrying a cargo of 33 T-72 tanks, along with 20 of its crew of 21, the Russian captain having been killed by hypertension during the hijack.

A ransom of US$3.2 million was paid for the ship’s release, compared to the $20 million previously demanded and also down from the initial request for $35 million after the capture in September. By January 16 the ransom sought was $5 million, with negotiations occurring directly between the pirates and the ship’s owner. In October the pirates threatened to blow the ship up unless this was paid within days, and stated they were willing to die and take the crew with them, but this threat was never carried out.

The ransom came in on Wednesday, and after counting the money the pirates left the vessel on Thursday. One pirate, Segule Ali, said of the payment that “no huge amount has been paid, but something to cover our expenses.”

No huge amount has been paid, but something to cover our expenses

The ownership of the cargo, which includes ammunition, rocket launchers, small arms and spare parts as well as tanks, is uncertain. Although the shipment was said to be for Kenya, as acknowledged by the Kenyan government, the pirates claim to have documents proving they were destined for Sudan, currently the subject of a United Nations arms embargo. Sudan denies this.

At one point, with the ship anchored off Harardhere, the pirates claimed they had put down an attempted revolt by the crew. However, the Faina’s owner has expressed doubts about the veracity of this report, which originated with the pirates themselves.

The remaining crew are reported to be healthy by the Ukrainian Presidency and the ship is now heading to Mombasa under US Navy escort. There are 17 Ukrainians, two Russians and a Latvian on board.

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Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch to be auctioned off

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch to be auctioned off

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Neverland Valley Ranch, owned by Michael Jackson, is to be sold at auction on March 19, 2008, unless Jackson pays over US$24 million.

Financial Title Company, the trustee of his Santa Barbara County, California, home and amusement park, has foreclosed on the property. They notified Jackson of the foreclosure and sale on Monday. Jackson had only just recently paid an overdue property tax bill of $600,000.

The court filing, addressed to Jackson, says, “You are in default of a deed of trust … Unless you take action to protect your property it may be sold at a public sale.” Fox News published the filing.

The foreclosure includes the ranch and all possessions on the property, inside or out.

The foreclosure auction will take place in front of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse in Santa Barbara. Jackson has until then to pay $24,525,906.61 he owes the title company.

In 2006, Jackson refinanced previous loans that had been bought up by Fortress Investment Group. The $300-million loan was secured with the aid of Sony Music Entertainment. However, the Neverland property was not part of that deal.

Jackson has not lived at Neverland since June 30, 2005, when he moved to Bahrain after a rape charge and subsequent acquittal.

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Choosing The Right Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

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byAlma Abell

Hardwood flooring in Reno NV needs to acclimatize slightly differently to hardwood flooring in the north east of the country, simply because of the average temperatures. When you buy your hardwood flooring it is important to remember that you should not actually lay the flooring for a three to four days after you have placed it in the home. The main reason for his is that the hardwood flooring has come from a large, chilled warehouse and needs to settle into the temperature of your home before you lay it. This can help the flooring last longer as well as lay easier.

Wood expands and contracts in different temperatures, so if you imagine that when you go to the DIY store and the temperature in there is somewhere about fifty-five to sixty degrees, the wood will have contracted somewhat. When you bring it home and the average temperature in your house is, say, sixty-eight, the wood will start to expand a little. Now, if you imagine that you bring the flooring home and start laying straight away and then, once it is down it goes through the expansion process, slowly over a day or two, you could find that you suddenly see it lifting away from the walls and causing ‘bubbling’. Think before you lay the flooring so that you give it the best chance of looking good for a long time.

Choosing Flooring to Suit your Home

You might prefer solid hardwood flooring in Reno, NV made from a lighter wood, rather than a darker wood. When you are contemplating the type of flooring to buy there are a few things you should consider that can help. Firstly, judge how dark your home is naturally. Open all the drapes and blinds and turn off all the lights so that you can see how natural light affects the rooms. If the room is dark naturally or you have smaller windows that prevent natural light getting in, it is probably better to buy light colored flooring.

However, if you live in a huge, open spaced loft type apartment or have a massive light living room, darker wood would not be too much of a problem. You have choose the type of flooring that will serve the home for many years.

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Collyer brothers to bid for Everton F.C.?

Collyer brothers to bid for Everton F.C.?

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Rumours in London and Merseyside have linked Paul and Oliver Collyer, creators of the football management series Championship Manager, with a possible bid for Premiership football team Everton.

The Goodison Park club, under the chairmanship of former Coronation Street actor Bill Kenwright, were subjects of a failed takeover bid in August 2004. After suffering the blow of failing to get beyond the qualifying stage of the Champions League, Kenwright is known to have recently sought additional investments in the club.

While a move is not thought to be imminent, the recent takeover of the brothers’ games development company Sports Interactive by game giant SEGA could well prove the catalyst for action by the lifelong Evertonians. The company’s PR guru Miles Jacobson was forced into an official denial of the story soon after the takeover news broke on Tuesday morning. The Collyers themselves have as yet been unavailable for comment.

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New Ghanaian currency introduced

New Ghanaian currency introduced

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New currency notes are being introduced in Ghana today. The new currency, to be called the Ghanaian cedi, replaces the previous cedi which has been in circulation since 17 February, 1967.

The Ghanaian cedi will be exchanged at 10,000 old cedis to one new Ghanaian cedi. The exchange rate against the U.S. dollar starts at GH¢0.92 to one U.S. dollar. The new ISO code for the currency is GHS, and the new symbol, GH¢.

The change, which was originally scheduled by the Bank of Ghana to start on July 1, 2007, will instead start on Tuesday July 3, as the original date is Ghana’s Republic Day.

Monday, July 2, was declared a public holiday as the actual Republic Day fell on a Sunday. July 3, is thus the first day that the currency will be available to the public as banks open to the general public. This is because ATMs were shut down over the weekend so that the currencies could be checked and replaced in all of them nationwide. The old and new currencies will be used concurrently until the end of December 2007, when the old currency will cease to be legal tender.

This is the third Ghanaian cedi to be introduced in the country since 1965.

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